Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gary, Don’t Run Away – Publish!

Gary, have you run away?

I was so sure you would publish the DACA report which would prove that your report was truthful and the MSM and green movement’s wrong.

By not publishing, my readers may get the wrong impression.  They may think, “Dr Busch isn’t posting this information because it will show that he too did not report it honestly.”

I can’t make you publish and I imagine that I’m a wee bit away from being your favourite person but, by not publishing, you’re making it easy for readers to gain the wrong impression about you.

By publishing a verbatim copy you can help readers gain the right impression.

Only you can show us what impression is correct.

UPDATE 8 June 2010 @ 14.55  Gary has provided a pdf file of the report - thank you.  I’ll put it online.  Unfortunately it’s in Dutch and the file has been created from an image and so I can’t use Google Translate.  I’ll see what else I can do about getting this translated.

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