Sunday, 6 June 2010

Iain Dale: Not Even a Thank You

Now there’s a surprise!

But there is a sting in the tail"!

In Iain’s post titled “2010 Survey Results: Blogging Habits” was a section  “And these are the blogs you read every day....”  within which was a strange result. 

Being public-spirited I mentioned this to Iain in a comment.  The comment has not been published but the strange result has disappeared from the post.

You might think that Iain emailed me to say thanks … but NO!

The post appears with the correction made as though this was how the post originally appeared but we know that is not the case. 

This is how the post first appeared courtesy of Bing’s cache.  Google’s cache carries the updated version.

DaleBlaneyOriginalshowing 4% of those who replied to the survey read Donal Blaney’s blog every day although access to the blog is denied and has been for some time.

After my intervention – I will take the credit although others may have commented too – Donal has disappeared.




Oh, and there is another point too.

The survey data as reported now been doctored by Iain.  Being kind to Iain – why? -  I might say that he has removed an obvious anomaly but to do so without comment?

I must check with Tim Ireland because I suspect Tim has other records of this happening.

I’m being unkind.  I’m sure this is just an innocent and unthinking mistake on Iain’s part.

Perhaps he’ll thank me now.

If I start holding my breath  ……….. 

UPDATE 6 June @14.05

Iain has left a comment in which he explains how the error occurred.  He copied and pasted last year’s results, updated the %ages and deleted blogs which were no longer online.  He missed Donal’s at the deletion stage.

Thanks, Iain.


  1. Er, thank you. You're being very precious I think, but so be it!

    The explanation is very simple.

    When compiling the post, I copied and pasted the results from last year as they contained all the blog links - then I just changed the figures. I deleted Devil's Kitchen from the list as his blog was taken down but omitted to delete Donal's.

    When I got your comment I then deleted Donal's when I realised the mistake.

    So yes, a very simple explanation, but one which will no doubt feed multiple conspiracy theories.

  2. Er ...thank you, Iain.

    I wasn't looking for a thank you but one line in your post saying, "Oops silly mistake!" was all it would have taken.

    Thanks for the publicity, Iain. As long as you keep making mistakes I'll keep posting about them.

    I guess it's the downside of your success: there's always someone there to tweak you gently. Now imagine if you were as successful politically as Nadine. A bit more than tweaking then.

    Not something with which I have to concern myself.

  3. I never read Iain Dale but am impressed at your knowledge, calum!

  4. Liz, Oh, thank you kind dear! :)

  5. Will you get annoyed if I suggest that sometimes you seem to get annoyed and troubled by the most trivial things?

    I have corrected lots of little errors and typos and infelicities on my blog. It never occurred to me that I should start putting in comments pointing out such corrections. We can do what we want on our blogs, can't we?

    By the way, I'd never heard of Iain Dale until I noticed you seem to enjoy slagging him off. I'll go and take a look at what he has to say.

  6. Iain Dale is a terribly nice but unlucky chap, Calum. I knew him over a decade ago, when his white Fiat Uno let him down in France. He was forced to abandon his tour and get a flight back from Charles de Gaulle.

  7. Och, Andrew. Trivial wee things are what makes blogging so much fun!

    I'm not and wasn't annoyed.

    As one of our biggest bloggers and a media favourite he's ripe for a piss take and he takes them so ... badly.

    Re this instance. I posted a comment pointing out the mistake, the comment wasn't published but the mistake was corrected. A wee bit naughty that but he can do what he sees fit as I can on my blog.

    I correct lots of little typos on this blog and leave no mention but today JD let me know that one of the videos in "Sunday Morning Coffee" had the embed code disabled. I put in another version of the song and, in the post, thanked JD. It's just how I do it.

    Iain can do as he pleases: he chose to make the change with no mention of his mistake.

    I do as I please: I chose to tweak his tail.

    All sorts!