Friday, 18 June 2010

Music in the Morning - Friday

Start the day with a magic Handel!

Handel: Sarabande


  1. Good Morning, Calum. Another fine choice to start the day. You can hear its influence on later composers, notably Wagner.

  2. beautiful way to start the day Calum

    and then my curiosity (a bad habit of mine) took me to the Wiki page for the music which had this to say-

    "The sarabande is first mentioned in Central America: in 1539, a dance called a zarabanda is mentioned in a poem written in Panama by Fernando Guzmán Mexía. Apparently the dance became popular in the Spanish colonies before moving back across the Atlantic to Spain. While it was banned in Spain in 1583 for its obscenity, it was frequently cited in literature of the period (for instance in works by Cervantes and Lope de Vega)"

    which in turn led me to this-

    it seems that in the original form the tempo ws much faster and Handel turned it into a slow and stately dance.
    Fascinating stuff - isn't the interweb grand

  3. Magic, indeed.
    My mug of tea and I still are delighted.
    Thank you, Calum.

  4. Gentlemen

    Thank you! I enjoy your enjoyment.

    Tomorrow morning is very different!

  5. One of my piano pieces. It's a good thing that my morning is your afternoon, Gentlemen. You already had your listening enjoyment. Otherwise, it might have spoiled it for you, that I joined the group.

    Thank you, Calum. Great fun! Company wise, it's a bit musically lonely here. Such a pleasure to play with others.

  6. I meant joined the musicians.

    Joining the group here, at any hour, is always a delight!