Saturday, 5 June 2010

Music in the Morning - Saturday

A famous piece because it is brilliant.


Delibes: Flowers Duet – Lakme                       

                                      Anna Netrebko and Elina  Garanca

Now I’m ready for the day!


  1. A very good morning, Calum. Thanks for starting the day with this choice. Anna is as pretty as a rose herself, don't you think?

  2. delightful!

    and the sun is shining too

  3. MTG A very good morning to you too.

    I wondered about not using this piece because it is so famous but then I realised it was famous because it is brilliant and in it went.

    I do NOT think. I open my mouth, I move my fingers and let my belly rumble.

    Hence no answer to your poser. :)

    Thank you.


  4. JD

    Thank you.

    Hazy sunshine in Edinburgh. I must now move away from my pc home and hang out two loads of washing.

    What a domesticated animal I am!