Thursday, 17 June 2010

Music in the Morning - Thursday

Words are inadequate.

Tamacun                                                 Rodrigo & Gabriela


  1. You can't really play in that style using a plectrum. It sounds stilted, sorry.

    This is how it should be done-

  2. JD, I bow to your superior knowledge but still seems brill.

    I'll listen to your link a few times and see what happens. Thanks.

  3. Now did and do I like the piece de Luca played more, however JD:
    (Even) When it sounds stilted to (for?) your ears/taste, saying You can't really play in that style using a plectrum. is plainly wrong. After all, they can, can't they? :)

    Reading this articleStan recently posted on Sentence First (plus the comments) you will know, at least get a glimpse of what I mean. :)

  4. JD, I have listened to your link to Paco and the settled view of the Carr jury is this.

    If I were listening to solo guitar I'd prefer to listen to Paco - if Rodrigo plays in his plectrum style. Definitely. No doubt.

    But with Gabriela I think the plectrum gives the music focus. If G and R wer both to finger-play I think we might have a piece that was too loose.

    I hope this makes sense. I know what I mean.

    Thanks, JD, I think Paco may feature somewhere sometime.

  5. more from el maestro

  6. It's unfair...

    It's been done to me by someone who was very dear at the time. It paralysed me.

    Calum, I'm enjoying this presentation very much. I love the youthful enthusiasm, the vibrancy, the energy, the dancing fingers. May they both keep loving their instrument, use it always with confidence, and get the clapping they deserve. I wish the same to the other Masters.