Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Slug Song

After yesterday’s poem  -“Pain Lines” - which was carved from my inner regions the Prime Slugster suggested that I write a happier poem today.  I couldn’t find one and so he wrote one for me.  He did find it very difficult because his normal conversation has a much higher intellectual content than is normal between us humans.  He wrote this specifically to meet our abilities.

I still think this is sad.  You can read or sing this to the rhythm / tune of the first song in today’s Iris Dement show.

Most people do a salt us
They squish us under foot
They think that we are useless
They've plans to us outroot

But we are your best friends now
If you'd just understand
We've got all the knowhow
To meet every demand

But you are just too hardened
To see what we could do
You'll end up being saddened
When this earth you bid, "Adieu"

You'll continue to a salt us
And squish us under foot
You'll give the earth a thrombus
To death the earth you've put


  1. Did he write it out in slimy sluggy trail on a paving stone? I do hope you took a photograph. Must have taken him and his helpers all night.

  2. Not at all, Andrew. He passed it telepathically to me as I typed.

    Simple really but not so simple either. Do not underestimate what slugs can do for us: that's the message of the song.