Sunday, 27 June 2010

Painful Defeat

Believe me.  I know the pain of defeat.  We Scots understand this unfortunately only too well.

I too suffered a major defeat this afternoon.

At Stadium ChezCarr, in front of one blackbird, two herring gulls and one hundred and fifty slugs, I conceded nine goals to major defensive errors and eleven more to superior skill.

What a shocker!

There was a controversial decision  - I had a goal disallowed -  when I was still in the hunt  ….. at ten goals down.

If only …..

Defeat is always more painful when one has too high an opinion of one’s skills.

Tonight we share each other’s pain.


  1. Scotland shares the pain of an English defeat every time Great Birnam Wood comes to high Dunsinane Hill.

  2. Sounds a better match up your way.

  3. Here's to share Scotland's pain.

  4. I too know the pain of defeat: I am a Welsh rugby supporter.