Friday, 11 June 2010


I wasn’t feeling well last night but I’m much worse now.

I’m just back from having had my hair cut and I was shocked.  As the locks fell to the ground all I could see was white. 

Where was the colour?   Faded!   Gone!

I can’t hid the fact.  I look old!  I am old!  And do I not feel old?

I’m no longer that good-looking, young-looking, lithe figure of my youth and even my middle-age. 

I’ve gone to seed. I’m fading away.


Just as well I’m as mad as a hatter!


  1. Don't expect any sympathy from me mate, at least you had something falling to the ground. But here is a suggestion: get it all shaved off close to the bone - nothing nicer than a 60 year old skinhead.

  2. hair?
    you mean you still have hair??

    I remember when I had hair :)
    long time ago :(

  3. "nothing nicer than a 60 year old skinhead"

    Nothing, Andrew?

    Surely you would prefer your nurse to a 60 year old skinhead unless, of course, (s)he is a 60 year old skinhead.

    We deserve an answer, kind sir!

  4. I fear I may already have said too much

  5. But no. Your avid followers are desperate to know what tickles your fancy.

    You must say more about your preferences. Failure to do so will cause us to think only the worst.

  6. Be assured Calum, the only person allowed to tickle my fancy is my wife (though she may perhaps prefer to pass the permission over to a 60 year old skinhead, but "thems the breaks honey" as the saying goes).

  7. Ach I see, grey, grey. grey - what's left of it!

  8. "nothing nicer than a 60 year old skinhead" .......hmmmmm I prefer a 45 year old skinhead myself ;-)

    (are we allowed smileys here?)

  9. Smileys whatever, Ruth, are allowed.
    I don't blame you cos I don't fancy a 60 year old skinhead unless she's a multi-millionaire.

  10. Aaah. But is it the age or the skinhead that puts you off Calum?

    I'm sure the feminists would be up in arms, but although I quite like a skinhead on a bloke, on a woman it is strangely repellant.

  11. Well, Ruth, I can hardly say no to a lady who is of the same years as I but I can say no to a 60 year-old skinhead lady although whether a skinhead is ever a lady I don't know.

    More feminist ammunition, Ruth. :)

    Stop trying to get me into trouble.

  12. I'm sure you're quite capable of doing that yourself, Calum!

    Now that I think about it, it cuts both ways with the hair thing - I don't like long hair on men either. Does that redress the feminist balance?

  13. Just as well my Samson-like locks have been removed. I'd probably have paid less had I gone to a farmer and been sheared.