Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Slug or Toad - Gentlemen, Please Decide!

Am I a slug or a toad?

Andrew in his comments to this post says that I have been taken over by a slug.

“Oh Calum, Calum my dear boy. You understand so little. The slugs took control of you a long, long time ago... I'm not really allowed to say that, but you won't believe me anyway, so I think I'll be OK. But... haven't you noticed a certain gradual change in your structure over the years, a thickening of girth, slowing of movement and increasing tendency to leave a sticky little trail behind you on occasion? Think about it my man. Think about it.”

Dr Busch, as many of you may have seen already, said of me,

“You really are as slimy a toad as the rest of the ecofreaks.”

You can’t both be right.

Perhaps you should get together and come up with one firm description with which you are both comfortable.

I know who I am and so whatever description you finally land on is irrelevant to me.


  1. You could be the best of both worlds - a Sload

  2. Oh but Dr Busch sounds like he was being nasty, whereas I was just being friendly. I am glad that you know who you are, but that is not really the issue. The issue is WHAT are you? I don't think anybody actually knows real the answer to that about any of us.

  3. Nice bit of word mangling there. I hope you appreciate it.

  4. That this option has been offered is good news, Calum.
    Now nobody can accuse you of being an incognito slimy toad politician.

  5. Whatever THEY say you are, dear Calum, you can always answer, with the right accent: A Man's a Man for A That.

  6. From what I recall toad turn into princes under certain conditions.

    Or is that frogs...

  7. But Claudia, what if it should be "A slug's a slug for a' that"

    Perhaps Burns got it wrong.

  8. Calum, you don't look like a slug or a slimey toad at all. You're a nice normal looking Scottish gentleman, rather smart and who loves music. Trust me...

    And Burns was a sweet guy and a gifted poet.