Monday, 21 June 2010

Trafigura: Slug’s View

As many of you know already one of the symptoms of my developing madness is my platonic relationship with the slug community in Edinburgh.  To the disbelief of most, I have discovered that slugs are far more intelligent than humans, have skills which we could only describe as science fiction and have an ethical basis to their communities that puts us to shame.

Over the last few weeks I have had many deep and meaningful conversations with the Prime Slugster, Stuart MacSluggy. 

Just this morning he asked, “You’re having a bit of difficulty with Trafigura, aren’t you?”

I knew he knew and how he knew but I had to say, “Yes, but how do you know?”

“We know all, as you well know.  I’ve read your posts and your mind.  I know what you think.”

“Do you know the truth about Trafigura?”

“Yes, but, before you ask, I can’t tell you.  You are of a different world and I must not interfere.”

“It would be of no help even if you did tell me the truth. I couldn’t use it.  If the truth were actually true and it reflected badly on Trafigura they might sue me for libel.  Some litigants have already done so.”

“But it WOULD be the truth we tell you!”

Ah, there are some things you DON’T know.  Writing the truth does not prevent one being sued.”

“This is crazy!”

Yes! But true!  In court I would have to prove that I had told the truth which, of itself, may be very difficult but the costs of proving myself to be correct are massive.  If I can’t prove my correctness, even when I am correct, then I would be bankrupted: I wouldn’t be able to pay the damages and the costs”

I can understand if you have deliberately told the ‘not truth’ but to tell the truth ….. this is obscene!”

“Thanks, Stuart, but that’s where I’d be.”

“What will you do?”

I must continue as I have been doing: prodding, probing, niggling away until a little snippet appears but it’s such hard going for very little reward in terms of progress.  A slightly different angle would help.  Really, all I want is the truth and  …. I’m not trying to get you to tell me.”

I think you’d be wise to keep going as you are.  The post you’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now …”

How the  …. !”

“Remember, we know! That post should be written.  In it you take a different angle …. which might take you nowhere …. or somewhere …. but do it.  If only for yourself.  I know you’ve been struggling with it, how to write it succinctly when there different strands, putting it off as too difficult.  Just do it, Calum, …. and, of course, we know your real name but it’s safe here.”

I know you’re right but I’ve put it off so long …..

Just do it, Calum.  Trust yourself.  You’re really good, much better than you think.”

Now I didn’t know what to think.”

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  1. Go for it Calum. The prime slugster speaks the truth. Is he Slugimmy Sluggit to your Calocchio?