Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Trafigura: Telegraph Writes about Amsterdam Trial

The Daily Telegraph carries  an article by Rowena Mason among which are these few paragraphs.

“The company, a former employee and the captain of its boat are accused by Dutch authorities of breaching environmental laws in 2006. The oil company, which strongly denies all allegations, could face fines of £1m.”

“This latest case, expected to last five weeks, relates to the company's unsuccessful attempts to offload a cargo of caustic soda and petroleum residues in Holland.

Naeem Ahmed, 43, a Trafigura worker who co-ordinated the operation from London, faces the same charges, with a possible fine of up to €134,000 (£113,000) and 21 years in jail. The ship's captain, Sergiy Chertov, 46, risks the same penalty for allegedly falsifying documents and lying to port authorities about the nature of the waste.

The waste was pumped back into the ship, after a Dutch waste treatment company found the slops were more toxic than they thought and demanded a higher price.
The port of Amsterdam, and the waste treatment company Amsterdam Port Services, are also on trial for not having prevented the exportation of dangerous waste. The ship was redirected to the Ivory Coast, where it paid a local contractor, Compagnie Tommie, to take the waste away.”

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Interestingly this piece mentions in its first line that a former employee is charged but the only employee mentioned is Naeem Ahmed.  Are we to infer that Naeem, whose name was prominent in the published internal Trafigura email exchanges, is now a former employee?

Let’s hope that we continue to get this coverage.

Well done, Daily Telegraph!


  1. I hope that the adverse publicity continues. There is something utterly rotten about Trafigura

  2. Audiatur et altera pars.
    I am sure that the masters of Trafigura (a fine name, by the way, too) are hamletting: There's something rotten in the state of press freedom.

  3. But always, Sean.

    I'm always open to other views!!!!!

  4. Why do you laugh, Sean?

    Did I say something funny?

    Do you find the truth funny?

    Do you find the thought funny that I am truthful?

    :) :)

  5. Hm, how to explain?
    I found funny that your response to my funny comment was so funny.

    As for your second question: I am slightly sure the masters of Trafigura do find truth, per se, not funny.

    3. No.