Thursday, 10 June 2010

What on Earth 2

After the success of the first in this series, here is another.

I know what this was but can you tell me what on earth it looks like now?


I fear this might be too easy.

Answer tomorrow evening.


  1. "I fear this may be too easy" Whaaaaaa?? I need some time on this one, Calum.

    Commencing with the elimination of the bottom left tile from a tray of tiles in B&Q. Yep, that's a tick.....

  2. You've got until 7ish tomorrow evening UK time.

  3. That's all the major DIY tiles finished and no sign of it yet, Calum. How am I doing?

  4. Too difficult for me so I asked my lady. She instantly said: "The surface of Mars viewed through a polarising filter." Oh dear... I really should stop taking her on such exotic away days.

  5. You could always give us a clue by telling us if the black line is a gap or a foreground object. And it looks like there is some reflection going on via the vague horizontal line, maybe... I warn you that I will be annoyed if it is just another bleedin' tile in B&Q (or even Homebase).

  6. But the thing is, we are trying to guess what it IS, whereas you actually asked us what on earth it LOOKS LIKE NOW? Did you mean that distinction? I just want to understand the rules. What it looks like is a photoshopped landscape of a desert plain leading to some hills, with a twiglet that has had the nobbly bits shaved off it, then painted black, held up in front of the view. Since your question asked what does it look like, and that is what it looks like to me, I can't be wrong, so can I have my full points please (if points are available - you see, I really am confused about the rules).

  7. Andrew, I do admit to a slight light of clarity but one which I would have expected an intellectual of your standing to cope with easily.

    You can either tell me what you think the picture looks like now OR what you think is the original.

    You need to "thoink".

  8. My final bid is that it is something else from your photography mission to B&Q, and that you moved just a little sideways from the tiles, or maybe next door to Carpet World and it is a little part of the pattern on some linoleum or other snazzy (tasteless) floor covering (or perhaps wall panelling). That's submitted for the "what it was" category, because I have already succeeded in identifying "what on earth it looks like now",

  9. Wrong! Way, way out.

    The pic was taken outdoors!

    And the black is something in the foreground.

    Happy now!

  10. Hmmm... Can I assume that you have not cheated with the help of your crazy pal Clumsy? I need to know if Clumsy's intervention is a permitted part of the game or not.

  11. Anyway, I'd now say a tree against the background of a snowy scene (unless Clumsy was involved)

  12. I feel sorry for Mrs Scott. This level of pedantry over a trivial wee blog post.

    The photograph was taken outside, has been tweaked slightly and so, just for you Andrew, the photo is not "as is".

    Now can you use your powers of deduction or even the powers of your alien family to determine what the original and unretouched photo represents.

    I'm beginning to wonder now if this isn't all a ruse to get me to give in and tell you the answer.

    Won't work, pal! :)

  13. By the way, looking back to a couple of your comments ago, what is "a slight light of clarity".

    Is that how CalumSpeak refers to a slight lack of clarity?

    Light = lack
    Thoink = think
    Black = white
    Yes = no????????

    I light the necessary brain power to understand how you thoink sometimes

  14. Our last comments have crossed.

    Unfortunately you are correct.


  15. No bloody wonder I'm making mistakes.

    I'm a 60 year old, struggling to cope with life, on anti-depressants and you pester the hell out of me over this bloody photo.

    Have some pity, FFS!


    Spiffingly well done, Andrew. I must comment you on your investigative powers. You are truly a giant among ants.


    Not bad only took my pills 10 mins ago.

  16. There's still a mistake in the previous comment.

  17. Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor pills? I spent a year of my life working with pure serotonin and various derivatives under an argon environment (the serotonin, not me, it and its derivatives are chemically rather sensitive stuff in the pure form). I still think you should get a full spectrum daylight lightbulb though. Oh and the mistakes - I think I can navigate my way through them now without mention. I was just being chivalrous on behalf of gorgeous Anonymiss after you slagged off her grammar.

  18. Hey, I like being called gorgeous :)))))

  19. Anonymiss said,

    "Hey, I like being called gorgeous :)))))"

    By an old bald man whose best days are long gone? :)

    I'm referring to Andrew and not me!