Thursday, 24 June 2010

What on Earth 6

Well, what was this before I manipulated away many of its features?

UPDATE @20.25 25 June

The pic originally displayed – immediately below –


has defeated the greatest brains and so help is needed.

Surely this photo will have you shouting out the answer.



Is this easy? 

You tell me.


  1. Ah yes. A well disguised MarkVb Earthlander (GTI if I am not mistaken) produced by the little grey ones of Pictoris 55C20, but more commonly used by their lime green neighbours from SetaBetaPetaQueeta (silly name planet, silly colour beings, but they do know how to make these babies fly). Next question?

  2. Oh, and with the naff "go faster" stripe, so probably piloted by the uncool flare-wearing guys from the South of that particular planet. I presume you have removed the furry 4-D dice with your manipulation, which is a shame, because you could spend hours trying to figure out the logic of those spots.

  3. It is definitely a vehicle: plane, ship, bus, train, house on wheel...

  4. I would go with a train too.....but then I've always been wrong so far :-/

  5. You're all way way out. No clues yet.

  6. Is it connected to your painting and decorating efforts?

  7. If it isn't the interior of an alien probship then it must be the ligthing in your sex dungeon?

  8. No I am not "way out" Calum, I am spot on, but I did say it was well disguised so you probably don't realise. I do look forward to enjoying hearing what you think it is though.

  9. Top of the B group, Ruth. On this performance none of you deserves to be in the A group.

    Possibly next time.

  10. Apologies.

    Ruth was correct. I should have made that clear.