Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What on Earth? Revealed

Yesterday I asked what you thought this pic looked like.



This is the original: the bottom left tile from a tray of tiles in B&Q.


Och, is that all?


  1. Tasteless brown carpet indeed!!!!

    I was only joking about having one. Have two :)

  2. Pah, I think you are just saying this to hide the terrible truth of the imminient alien anal probe onslaught!

  3. A very nice demonstration of how interesting things can be found amidst the seemingly banal, by focusing on the right bit. Very nice (and keep 'em coming please).

    By the way, what's tasteless about a brown carpet? This accusation coming from she who drinks wine from IKEA plastic cups (by the way). I have a chocolate brown carpet in my living room and hall, and I drink wine from a glass, and never buy wine in a box - unlike (my further research has revealed) the aforementioned self-appointed ajudicator of good taste.