Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Whatever You See ….



……… or don’t ………….. doesn’t matter at all.


  1. I always loved that wacky planet. Can't imagine how you managed to get a photo of it though. You been hacking into my disk drives?

  2. From the slugs, Andrew. Goodness knows where they got it. They've possibly been through your bins!

    Wonder if there's anything else of interest from there.

    Must ask them.

  3. Of course. I forgot about them. No need for any bin trawling, I've met some of them up there (and at their real size - much bigger). Had a wild night in the bar with a few of them actually. Don't believe the myth that a saucer of beer will attract and kill slugs. They just want you to believe that so that you will leave some beer out for them. Then they shed a skin and people think they died. Simple. Salt works though. They don't like salt. Osmosis is their Nemesis

  4. James

    It is whatever you see or not as the case may be.


  5. Andrew, This a rather basic design fault although I suspect humans may have a similar fault.

  6. It's a white circle surrounded by a thin yellow circle, a green circle, and a brown circle. Very simple. And boring.

  7. She can be cruel, but she calls it as she sees it.

  8. I should add that the background is black.

    Sunday morning coffee is NOT boring!

  9. Claudia

    Of course, you are right for art is in the eye of the beholder.

  10. Andrew

    Claudia is not cruel. How can one be cruel for seeing what one sees?

    As I said in the post, "Whatever you see or don't doesn't matter at all"

  11. How pretentious of me to use the word "art around my works!!!

    But why not?

    To my eyes - only probably - my work is beautiful!

    Och, I lie so terribly at times.

  12. I thought this was "Guess what it is?" game.

    If it was Art, I truly apologise for the word boring. No art, which expresses a state of the soul, is boring. Of course, it's often greatly misunderstood even by the artist.

    If your circles, with different colours, mean the changing complexities of our difficult and troubling life, then what you offered to the blogosphere is extremely brilliant.

    My tired brain cells do not always comprehend the rolling of the hours. Forgive me for dismissing your work with such indifference.

  13. Claudia, Art ... my backside.

    A pic tweaked and tweaked and tweaked to give what you saw. A competition - no just an old fool labelling "something" as art.

    Your confusion at my foolishness is understandable.