Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ark Needed

 My camera having already been washed away by a torrent of water pouring off the hills, I find this morning that we need an ark.

Not much to save.  There's me, two lambs, four dogs, thirty hens, one horse and ..... ? ...... ?    ..... and, Oh,  two kids.

Any reasonable ark considered but can't afford to pay much.

Please help!!!

By the way I failed the course on Animal Care for Teenagers.  My tutor said that I had no idea and that I'd be better off sticking to blogging.

Guess on that basis I should drop the two kids from the list of savable beings.


I can't leave without being honest: we're all having a great time despite the wetness.  There are very few pics so far of unknown quality but I'm sure I'll finding something to post even if I have to Clumsy them first.


  1. Lots and lots and lots of rain.

  2. So long as you are still having fun Calum!

  3. Oh dear.

    May I suggest you put kids on the ark first? They can usually be relied upon to know how to operate videos and the like and when you get back to civilisation you'll need someone to do that for you.