Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bought a Bike !!!


Can you imagine !

Me and a bike?

Hard to take, I know, but it’s true.

Obese – no, fat! – 60-year-old buying a bike?

Never ridden a bike for about 45 years.

I, who have been a stunt double for a pot-bellied pig, and a bike?

In these times of dire financial struggles there was no “all-singing – all dancing” machine but Asda’s best. 

It’s still a bike though: 18 gears, front and rear brakes!, very soft and padded saddle.

I don’t know what madness came over me.

Yes, I do!

Mrs Carr asked me to buy it for her because the box was too big to fit in her car.

Phew!  That was close!


  1. Heck... for a moment there you had me wondering if I has slipped over into the wrong alternate reality (again). But no, all is well, sit down and have a fatty sugary snack my good man. (I did meet you briefly in one of those other pesky universes by the way. You were having problems finding things to spend your millions on and fighting off the young women trying to marry a slim rich old man. The temptresses were wearing you out. You're better off where you are now.)

  2. Aaww Calum, I'm disappointed.
    A bike could be just what you need.
    Cost free transport (after the initial outlay of course), exercise for the muscles and the cardiovascular system, no parking problems, benefits for both physical and mental I persuading you yet?

  3. You had me going for a minute then!!!

  4. Ruth,

    No! You'll need to work harder.

    A million pounds might also be just what I need but I'm not getting that either. :)

    "My physical well-being". You mean "Ill-being"

    "mental well-being"
    You mean "mental"

  5. Maybe a glass of wine will help!

  6. My bike was stolen 20 years ago, and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Trouble is, now you can only buy mountian bokes, and I want a plains bike, a real bike, with mudguards and a carrier and a light.