Friday, 30 July 2010

CPR on Picnic Table

I’ve been busy ….. which is unusual.

I’ve been busy physically ….. which is ….. never.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to bring our old picnic table back to life. 

Its condition was critical, near to death, dying with each shower of rain, rotting gangrenously.

Surgery was required to save its rotting extremities, sanding and then botox to remove it’s cracks and wrinkles.

But, unused as I am to any physical activity beyond face-stuffing, I’m knackered. 

Hands tired.

Arms tired.

Two more jobs for today and then the table will show its thanks by being faithful for another 15 years.

A good deed.

A friend returned to the fold.


  1. Surgery, sanding, botox...and then, what else Calum? I'll try to do this on myself and hope to last another 15 years!