Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Go Away And …..

….. almost all my visitors do too.

I had been enjoying my best visitor levels ever – still small by most standards -  but with a slight dip just before my break.

Virtually empty the last few days.

Clearly more nonsense, more pics, a big Trafigura story or two and maintaining the music standard are important now as I try to bring visitors back.

There’s a Trafigura story to coming, I’ve done some pics with more to come, music is fine as far as I can hear which leaves me with nonsense.  But I don’t have any nonsense yet.

Out of nonsense!  Impossible!


  1. Never give up on the nonsense Calum, PLEASE!!!!

  2. Calum, it's the silly season - mine are way down too - par for the course. Also, many are working through the summer and that makes it more difficult again.

  3. It is that time of year, mine dipped this week too!

  4. I've been everywhere I usually go. But, sometimes, it's too hot to comment. We are on a heat alert in Toronto. Over 2 weeks now.

  5. Ah, Calum, may I assure you that compared to you I am a super-mega-micro-blogger.
    Where's the problem? I do prefer ten or twenty regulars each of whom's a 'real character', to one million regulars, of which 99,9& might prove to have a big heap of friendliness, intelligence, humour and tolerance - not to mention wisdom ... outside their heads.