Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I Was There First

The papers are covering -  as is our resident alien scientist, Andrew Scott – the photograph of the universe taken by the Planck telescope.


The links above describe the background to this photo.

BUT I was there first.

With my trusty Panasonic I took this picture.  Given the difference in the budgets you would expect a massive difference in quality … which there is.


But I’m sure you’ll agree that my attempt is absolutely remarkable.


  1. I doff my cap to you Calum. That must be worth a Nobel Prize and bar!

  2. What is most remarkable is that you have also photographed some details of OUTSIDE the universe, and having been there I can confirm that it is quite fluffy in parts, as you show. Your slug colony is clearly giving you some assistance.

  3. In a manner of speaking we were all there first, Calum.

    I also liked the B&B. Could you hear Moonlight in there?

  4. You really were in outer space, Calum. Well done.

  5. James

    I am the urban spaceman!!!

  6. Now that does very much worry me that you have outer space in your inner home!

    You need to take just to be on the safe side!