Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Peace Reigns on Earth

Well on my piece of earth anyway.  I know this seems too good to be true but for a few minutes

there was peace within the rains on my piece of earth

Amid the rain  - drizzle really – I took my coffee and sat at the garden table and relaxed and relaxed whilst I got wet.

Absolutely brilliant.




  1. Hope you had a hot bath after it.

  2. That's the spirit, Calum!
    Taking a rest intending to read some chapters in Pessoa's Book of Unrest, today I sat down under the hazel near to our butterfly-meadow, opened the book and ... read ... nada. There was a buzzing and humming and fluttering and whirring ... dozens of butterflies, bees and bumble bees, hoverflies ...watching and listening to them was almost as wonder- and restful as having a mug of coffee while a nice soft Scottish rain is dropping on your head, I suppose ... :)
    The peace of the night.

  3. Rain can be relaxing sometimes :-)

  4. What you wrote is brilliant Calum. A refreshing, restful poem by itself...And Sean enjoyed a buzzing, humming, musical interlude...

    If we could finally have rain in Toronto, I might be inspired too. Or if I could live among bees and flowers.

    The city is so dry, and hot, and dusty. Our brains are glued!

  5. In Perth it has rained pretty much solidly for the last 24hrs, resulting in roads closed and homes and businesses evacuated today. Not good.

  6. Bloody hell, didn't know that, Ruth. Poor souls.

  7. Claude

    Thank you so much. I wasn't aware of my brilliance but I'm always happy to be told I'm wrong.

  8. Calum - You shouldn't always agree when people tell you you're wrong. What you're thinking is legitimate. I don't know you for very long but, so far, you always made sense to me. I don't see why anyone else could say otherwise.

    What you did today, sitting under the rain, is a great idea. I intend to do it as soon as we get rain in Toronto. And if somebody tells me to get an umbrella, I'll laugh out loud, and tell him/her that he/she doesn't know anything about life.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Lovely ... I think. But rather you than me!