Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sun is Shining, ….

the temperature is soaring, a glorious day in the offing, sun-cream at the ready ….. and I am still bloody painting …. inside.

I look at the wood which needs its second coat and I sweat.

I rub the paint down lightly and I sweat profusely.

I wipe down the paint with white spirit and I shower in sweat.

I paint the woodwork and I flood the room in sweat.

Oh, what a gloriously sweaty day!


May your day be less sweaty than mine!


  1. What a relief to get varnish off my fingers and hear the bath run!

    Paraguay v Spain later but sneaking in 'Stephen Fry on Wagner' - BBC 2 @ 20:40.

  2. Sweating without painting here, Calum; perhaps due to the temperature - 38°C.
    Watching Maradona's mimic was cool, though.

  3. It was hot outside yesterday and I have stripes to prove it!