Friday, 23 July 2010

Trafigura: BBC’s Naughty View of Judgment Day

I mentioned yesterday that judgment would be passed today on Trafigura in its month-long Dutch trial.  This morning the BBC too carries a short article about judgment day but I mention this only for two points.

Firstly the article gives the three charges faced by the company and others:

“that it illegally exported waste from a European Union country to Africa;

that it delivered a hazardous substance to a Dutch contractor without revealing just how toxic it was;

and that it falsified papers.”

Secondly the BBC, quite naughtily in my opinion but quite appropriately in the view of many, I’m sure, states,

“A UN report found strong evidence blaming the waste for at least 15 deaths, although the company denies responsibility for this.


Trafigura also paid $50m (£32m) in an out-of-court settlement to individuals in Ivory Coast who said they had been injured when the waste was spread on dumps around the capital, Abidjan.”

without mentioning that:

- in its libel case the BBC could not prove the link between the waste and the deaths despite the UN report having been published

- in the out-of-court settlement a joint statement was made saying that, in the opinion of experts, the waste could not have caused the deaths or serious injury.


The BBC should be better than this.

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