Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Trafigura: Claude Dauphin May Face Trial

Whereas Trafigura itself, an employee – Naeem Ahmed, the captain of the Probo Koala, Amsterdam Port Services and the city of Amsterdam  undergo trial, Claude Dauphin – Trafigura’s chief executive -  escaped  prosecution on the basis that he found out about the Probo Koala’s waste only in mid-August 2006, days before the waste’s dumping.

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled that a lower court must consider whether or not Mr Dauphin can be prosecuted.


  1. Whatever your views on Trafigura it might be appropriate to reflect on the five months spent by Claude Dauphin in MACA prison in Abidjan. He was taken there, without trial or judgment, and incarcerated in one of the worst African prisons when he visited Abidjan to examine how Trafigura could assist the cleanup of Tommy's mess. It was only when Trafigura paid the high ransom for Dauphin and Valenti that they were released.One can hardly blame him if he wishes to avoid further judicial travesties and ransom demands.

  2. I agree that the judicial process in Cote d'Ivoire resembled a kidnapping.

    I disagree that the Dutch criminal justice regime is in any way similar.

    I ask how long they spent in the prison - did they not move to house arrest at some stage?

  3. I wouldn't wish anyone to suffer 5 months in any prison, far less the one in Abidjan.

    By saying "One can hardly blame him if he wishes to avoid further judicial travesties and ransom demands." you have prejudged the case and denigrated the Dutch judicial system.

  4. Dauphin and Valenti spent five months in MACA Prison. There was no move elsewhere. As far as denigrating Dutch justice it is difficult not to in the face of such a domestically political process. This is a case about the Dutch Greens and their efforts to be relevant after a dismal failure in two elections (municipal and national). They have on record the reports by the Dutch Environmental Police and the Port Authorities permitting everything that took place. Only APS has sought environmental assistance in avoiding their incompetence and greed. This is a political trial not an environmental one.