Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Trafigura: Dauphin Company - GDE - Dumped …..

…. ILLEGALLY in France.

Yes, it’s true!  

A waste-processing company owned by Claude Dauphin - a co-founder of Trafigura -  has illegally dumped approximately 100,000 tonnes of waste in three sites in France.


The story was reported in France but not, as far as I can see, in the UK.  I found this story, which isn’t new, last week but I needed to confirm the story from several sources before I posted.  I now have that confirmation.

The company, Guy Dauphin Environnement or GDE, has agreed that it had dumped illegally at three sites (Versainville, Soument Saint-Quentin and Fontenay Le Pesnel).

More of the story is here: a Google translation is appended below.

May 19, 2009

Scandal of industrial waste, TF1 log 20 h

In Calvados, an illegal dump was discovered. 40,000 tons of waste were buried secretly by a French leader in recycling, WDM [Calum adds “WDM” is “GDE”, the Claude Dauphin owned company] 

The company WDM buried 40,000 tonnes of waste for 6 years hidden under a concrete slab on the ground of a flea market of "'an area equivalent to a football field.

These are associations that have made this discovery and took action.

Background and financial issues
The automotive sector generates RBA residues Car Crushing (not recyclable) - which must be treated as a landfill closed.
An actor in the recycling sector reflected in the report of TF1 The cost of landfill to rubble is 3.5 € / tonne against 100 € / tonne for the RBA to a licensed landfill site.

It includes fairly the financial issue to the RBA to move the rubble. The savings would be 40,000 tonnes of almost four million euros.”


Eric de Turckheim – another co-founder of Trafigura is a board member of Dauphin’s company Ecore of which GDE is a subsidiary.

The Trafigura Foundation website says this of De Turckheim:

“He is also a Board member of ECORE B.V., a European industrial recycling company which promotes a socially-responsible approach of recycling.”


Are you surprised?

I wonder if there are more stories within the Claude Dauphin empire?

Is there a pattern?


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  1. Why am I not surprised! I hope they get the book thrown at them

  2. Jams

    You can hope but I must try, in my writings anyway, to be fair and factual.