Friday, 23 July 2010

Trafigura: Statement After Judgment Passed

Trafigura issued a statement today but for convenience I append it below.

To help us better understand Trafigura’s statement I have emailed them asking that they provide an English translation of the judgment

I acknowledge Trafigura’s copyright of that document.  For copyright reasons also I append the header from Trafigura’s webpage. 


Statement from Trafigura on the legal decision handed down by the court in Amsterdam on 23 July 2010:

While Trafigura is pleased to have been acquitted of the charge of forgery it is disappointed by the judges’ ruling on the other two, which it believes to be incorrect.

The court has decided that different technical legislation is applicable than that claimed by Trafigura in its defence.

Concerning the delivery of dangerous goods, it is important that the court has noted that there was limited risk to human health from these slops, and indeed no damage occurred in Amsterdam.

Trafigura will study the court’s findings carefully with a view to appeal.

Trafigura’s employee, Mr Naeem Ahmed, has been acquitted of one charge but convicted of a second. Trafigura continues to maintain that Naeem did nothing wrong and will provide him and his legal team with whatever legal assistance they may require.



  1. "[...], and indeed no damage occurred in Amsterdam."
    Now that is a crucial point. We're in Amsterdam, not in Abidjan, hm?
    By the way, Robert de Bree has an aura of papal credibility. Certainly Mr. de Bree, knowing his kindness will be paid in heaven, defends his poor clients unpaid?

    And now - with thanks to the Monty Pythons - for something completely different, an off topic question of philosophical dimension(s), as a start:
    Ought lawyers who contrary to better knowledge defend extremely evil criminals to be considered criminals themselves?

  2. When I heard the judgement on the radio, i wondered if your contributions had helped?

    They certainly helped me to understand better what I was hearing on the radio.

  3. Many thanks, Steve.

    I fear you over-rate my effect massively.

    I try though.