Saturday, 28 August 2010


The rains have failed to fall on Chez Carr, the grass is dusty, brown and bone-dry.  A few spots only will refresh the ground and spur fresh green growth but until these drops arrive the grass remains in limbo.

Other than music my blog too is arid.

The rains will come!


  1. Hm, as during the past three days I pumped our rain barrels four times empty in order to (re-)fill our reservoir for next year's drought to come, I could help you out. What about 1,000 litres, Calum? Just pass the hose.

  2. Rain, rain, rain in Toronto. But it's been so dry all summer, following a no-snow winter, that the gardens, sidewalks, houses' roofs and people still seem all dusty, thirsty and wrinkled up.

    When I'm concerned, you cannot call a blog arid, Calum, when it's full of music. I wish I could send you many drops of water to thank you for your melodious notes.

  3. There are more notes to come in 94 minutes - at time of writing -if I can finish the post.

  4. The rains and the ideas will come, or maybe just getting the ideas into a blog post.

    As far as I am concerned your Blog is luscious.

  5. your blog is the Mare Tranquillitatis in the lunacy that is the internet

    have you noticed how classical musicians (as well as the MJQ) are always impeccably dressed?

    2nd try - blogger must have eaten my first comment :(