Monday, 9 August 2010

Holiday for a Week: Music OK

We’re off this morning – well I hope it’s morning and not afternoon – for another week’s break in Mid-Argyll.  If we get off this am then time hasnae run away tae far."

There could be a few photos but …. depends on many factors.

The show-jumping jump is complete other than the bar the horse must jump over.  Bit of a slip-up there, I think!

I don’t expect to be doing any posting other than my normal music posts which are ready and waiting for the appointed times before appearing.  I hope you enjoy.

I shall relax …. a bit, be stressed …. a bit ….. but have a great time regardless.

See you a week on Tuesday (17 August) but don’t forget to pop over to see the mystery music posts.


  1. have a nice relaxing holiday Calum and just endure the midges with fortitude and courage and a smile knowing that you are doing your bit to help feed some of God's creatures

  2. Have a great time Calum and hopefully it will de-stress you.