Monday, 23 August 2010

Music in the Morning - Monday

François Couperin is your composer of this good morning’s music.

Couperin: Suite No. 2 for viola da gamba and basso continuo in A major  4th Mov - La Chemise blanche

[Jordi Savall, viola da gamba; Ton Koopman, harpsichord continuo; Ariane Maurette, viola da gamba continuo]


  1. Good Morning, Calum. I liked this refreshing yet subtle piece.

  2. has a definite 'swing' to it

    here's some more of the same, or similar-

    did you know that John Paul Jones (of LedZep) was an expert on 16th and 17th century Spanish music?

  3. The Couperin reminded me of this but I had to search through my collection to find the exact title and then hunt through YouTube to see if it was there and it was (sort of)

    The first comment has more details.
    catalogue no. BIS CD-163