Monday, 30 August 2010

Politicians - Depressingly Familiar

I came across an article which seemed as though it could have been written about the UK. 

Are politicians not held in high regard anywhere?

Do politicians deserve to be held in high regard anywhere?

Please read these few lines  - an extract - written by Mark Wignall.

“Whenever politicians are in opposition they are quite eager to bare all, especially any dirt they can pick up in the hope that the columnist will shovel it onto the ruling administration. They have all of the correct answers to the nation's ills. Then power comes and with it a radical transformation.




While in opposition it is standard that all political parties promise 'openness' should they be elected. Hogwash! Party politics and governments are fraternal orders and, by their very nature, are secretive bodies. The big question is, if they purport to represent all the people, and it is physically impossible for them to whisper individually in each person's ears, why not just be candid and express the mandate from a loud, open platform?

It seems to me that the objectives of politicians in power bear little resemblance to the treacle promised while on the campaign trail. Why is this so? To me, the best explanation can only be that politics and a large part of the operations of government surround the secret cutting of deals to benefit a select few.

Taken to its extreme, it is frightening, but it could mean that political parties are basically special interest groups with the objective of raiding the public purse through the special allocation of jobs, or more likely, handing money resources to contractors, all for the benefit of those in the group. In this shady arrangement the people and the country are secondary.”

Mark writes about Jamaica but …..


I may use another extract tomorrow.

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