Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with Eddi Reader

Welcome to another show, one I’ve been looking forward to for some time.  Unfortunately I have very little time to write this post.  I’m writing this show almost a week early: I’m going on holiday tomorrow (Monday 9 August) and so there is little time left to do justice to Eddi for the show of 15 August.


I’ve listened to lots of Eddi in the last week at the same time as I was preparing for Nanci Griffith’s show: I’m happy that the music is spot on.

Coffee, sit down, relax.  are you ready now?

Let’s start with Burns.

Welcome Willie Stewart / Molly

A great start – I would say that, wouldn’t I?  Lively, great words, great music!

And Eddi!

“the flower it graws, it fades,
it fa's and nature cannot renew it
but worth and  truth, eternal youth
we'll gie tae wullie stewart”


Eddi, born in Glasgow in 1959, was the eldest of seven children.  Seventeen years later the family were moved to Irvine as part of the Glasgow over-spill although Eddi stayed in Glasgow to finish her schooling.


This next song – written by Kirsty MacColl could have been about me.

Dear John

This is far from the most flattering video with the glasses like Pyrex dinner plates but the song is ….. sore!

“10 years on I still dream and we still hesitate
The passion’s all but gone
Oh dear John seems we have a bad day every day
I want to sleep my life away”

Better move on … quickly.


Eddi had done the rounds as a session singer before she had a major hit with Fairground Attraction.  We continue with a Eddi’s solo rendition.


Not perfect but still …… [insert your own word here]


This was my first introduction to Eddi’s music although I had no idea that she was the group’s sound.  There Eddi stayed until I heard “Patience of Angels” when I was getting my hair cut.

There followed a brief flirtation with her music and then a lull until I heard her on a Transatlantic Sessions CD.  Thereafter I kept an ear out for her music without going close.

YouTube has influenced my musical tastes enormously - a major shift – and Eddi has been part of that.


Next we hear  …. Just listen to Eddi with this Fred Neil song.


One comment on YouTube is,

This is so...there are no words that can adequately describe how beautiful the interpretation of this song is, ….”

This IS Eddi though: great voice, brilliant interpretation, a star whose talents far exceed her success.  Normally the reverse is the case.


We finish the first part of the show with Burns and love. 

My Love is like a Red, Red Rose

I’ve heard this sung by classical singers but Burns doesn’t work nearly as well with these voices.

Magical.  Thank you.


Be warned now.  I’m going to lower the tone significantly.  On Valentines day this year I posted this.

“My love is like a dead, dead rose
So little left to love
No beauty, no bloom, no fragrance
But still as prickly as fuck”

This was a bit of fun and was not aimed at anyone I know or have ever known.

I know it’s close but I think Burns just edged that.


It’s hard to believe but we’re half way through already.  Top up your coffee, have a pee break if you need to.  We start again in 5 minutes.

Burns continues.

Aye Waukin’ O

Taken from Transatlantic Sessions we get the normal brilliant arrangement with absolutely top-notch performers.  Enjoy.



Twanging inside!

What can be better anywhere?


The show continues with a song I could never have imagined these two singing but  ….  magic from every pore.

Across the Universe                          with Liam O’Maonlai



From the Beatles to Willie nelson with the next video.

Back to Earth    with Tim O’Brien

More Transatlantic Sessions!  For those who haven’t looked into this series please do.  The music is fabulous, the range is much wider than you might think.

Eddi is just brilliant.  Any song, same result!


We’re nearly finished now.

What You do with What You’ve Got

“What’s the point of two good ears if you can’t hear those you love.”

Two YouTube comments are:

“This is why, to me, Celine Dion is nothing more than a tattie with a microphone in her face. Why oh why is Eddi Reader not a world famous singer? She should be!”

“There is talent (Eddi) and there is hype (Celine/Britney etc) and they inhabit two separate worlds... the real world and the commercial hype that many think is real.

Continue to do what you do Eddi.. there are those who love your music and your voice and your "realness"”

YouTube comments are predominantly very positive but who am I to argue with these two writers?


We finish this show …. much too early … but finish it we must … with a song I showed on Hogmanay.  I’m sure you’ll hear why I’ve made this choice.

Ae Fond Kiss

What a voice!

What a Lady!


Another week gone and one which meant so much to me.

Thank you, Eddi, you are a STAR!


Tune in again next week and thanks for listening.


  1. ach!

    she is a wonderful interpreter of the songs of Burns
    in fact she makes everything her own

    thank you Calum for your hard(?) work of searching uTube for excellence
    and this weeks show was excellenter than usual

  2. Thanks for the Glaswegian songbird and have a good holiday, wherever you are.

  3. Lovely! Simply lovely. A very serene Coffee Hour. Back to Earth is out of this world. Thanks, Calum.