Thursday, 9 September 2010

Anither Hopeless Poem

In case readers should worry this poem does not reflect where I am!


Ah sit ma life awa' in spades
Ne'er daein' what is demanded
Lost ma heid, reality fades
A' actions countermanded

Nae hope at a' in this patch lies
Nae future worth the countin'
But fear o' failure a'ways thrives
When life's a cruel mountain

Ah hae tae stop yon sittin' aboot
Ah need ma bum unpasted
Tae change ma outlook there's nae doot
Afore ma kids is wasted

Change!  Huh! Heard a' this afore
Change?  Ah couldna' switch ma socks
Change is awa' beyond ma door
Ah'm stuck where a'one mocks

Snap oot o' it! Help yersel!
The wise heids tell me tae dae
Fuck aff, gang tae hell
Ye ken not whit ye say

Ah rant mair than's guid for me
Tae often Ah vent ma spleen
But a bit o' peace there’ll need tae be
Afore a' the paths is seen

Ah'm nae sure who Ah'm meant tae be
O' a' the me's ah've seen
Ah'll staun up fir masel' soon ye'll see ....
.... but fa' doon agin where ah’ve a'ways been

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