Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Car in Observation

Early yesterday morning the ambulance arrived to take my car to hospital for diagnostic tests after becoming terribly confused (my car, that is, and not the ambulance – actually the AA).  I had expected that she (car) would be carried in the ambulance but only her front legs were lifted and she had to run along behind.  Poor soul!

After spending sometime in Combined Assessment, the car was kept in overnight for additional tests this morning.  Although faults were found in her memory she performed perfectly in comprehension tests.  One more long test is due this afternoon after which the decision will be made. The most likely options are no further action with release back into my care or, god forbid, a brain transplant.

I hope an operation isn’t due now but I worry that the problems will recur with possibly fatal consequences later.


Wish her - and me – luck.


  1. my car died of old age a few years ago
    she was 18
    I still miss her

    she was a fast lady while she was in her prime
    :) :)

  2. I think that trying to find the fault costs nothing but sorting what they find .... well!