Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Trafigura: Dr Busch, MARPOL and Humility

In my last post I describe how the Dutch courts took the view that the Probo Koala’s wastes were covered by the Basel Convention and not MARPOL. 

Dr Busch and I disagreed on which convention applied. 

I said Basel, he said MARPOL.

After I had posted about this debate - Trafigura: Probo Koala Waste – Amsterdam Dr Busch sent me an email including a long document he had written outlining the reasons why MARPOL applied and not Basel.

In his email he said also,

“Your opinion on chemical wastes under MARPOL displays a gross ignorance of the matter at hand. For your guidance I attach a guide which I wrote in 2007 which might give you the humility to learn about matters before you comment on them.”

I said Basel                -  CORRECT

Dr Busch said MARPOL  -  WRONG


Who’s humble now?

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