Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Trafigura: Dutch Prosecutor to Appeal Judgments

About a month ago the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant,  reported that the Public Prosecutor will appeal against  Trafigura’s fine of 1 million euros and the acquittal of both the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Port Services.

Google Translation of the article gives these two sentences:

“The court sentenced the company on July 23 this year for illegal export of waste and the deliberate concealment of the harmful character.  The accusation of forgery Trafigura was acquitted.”

and finishes by saying:

“The Netherlands-based Trafigura Beheer will also appeal against his conviction. The company claims to have done nothing wrong. The Amsterdam court must decide soon whether Trafigura director Claude Dauphin personally prosecuted.”

I await developments with interest. 

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