Friday, 24 September 2010

Trafigura: How Journalists Broke the Story - Video

To my shame I have JUST watched a video entitled

The Inside Story of Trafigura – Old and New Methods
With David Leigh, Investigations Editor at the Guardian, and Paul Farrelly MP
How a combination methods – parliamentary privilege (old-fashioned), cross-border co-operation (innovative) and the internet (new-fangled) – were used to defeat cover-ups by lobbyists and lawyers, and expose the scientific facts

Their talk lasts about 30 mins with 30 mins of questions.

As far as I can see this video is only available at The Centre for Investigative Journalism – click here.

They use words I use but wouldn’t dream of using in this context.


This is essential viewing if you are interested in the Trafigura story, journalism and its difficulties with the UK libel laws.

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