Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Trafigura: No Answer from Email Correspondent

I await an answer.

In the last week or so I’ve been in furious correspondence - “furious” in terms of the numbers of and not the content of emails – with one who seems to be knowledgeable of the Trafigura affair, very pro-Trafigura,  nothing wrong with that, and very anti- those who seem to be anti-Trafigura.  I hope this makes sense.

There is one question my correspondent is reluctant to answer – has been asked three times.

He said,

"The sweetening of crude oil was relatively new when tried by Trafigura but there were other operations carried out on PROBOs which preceded this which made it clear that such an attempt would be possible." 

I asked,

“That you use "relatively new" suggest(sic) that sweetening was carried out previously on board ship.  What info do you have re this?  Who had done so?  What ship(s)?  What method?   When?  What waste was produced?  Where was the waste disposed of and how?

What other operations were carried out before the PK case?   What ships?  What products?  What process?  What waste?  Where was the waste disposed of and how?”

I assume his statement is true simply because he appears knowledgeable and because I’d hate to think that he was doing otherwise.

I still wait an answer.

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