Monday, 27 September 2010

Trafigura: Press Office Closed?

Is this the reason I get no replies to my emails?

I have just checked the Trafigura website and under “Our News”, other than two notes in July which are listed under “Probo Koala Updates”, there has been no news since 31 March 2010. 

Has nothing happened in a few days under 6 months that is worthy of flagging up?

Has there been news but there is no-one to put it online?

Has there Press Office been closed?


Is there anyone in?

We need to know what is happening at one of the UK’s favourite companies!

Tell us now!  



  1. Can you pick up the phone and ask?

  2. You're right I could but I won't. I'm sure they're still there ignoring me.

    I have tried to call using the 141 prefix and couldn't get through. I'm not giving them my phone number(s).

    I have spoken - just - to Bell-Pottinger but the Trafigura contact there couldn't wait to get me off the phone.

    But I might just try them again.