Thursday, 30 September 2010

Trafigura: Reputation Management

Still Trafigura refuse to acknowledge my emails.  This seems to me to be a strange method of reputation management but they employ the best experts and so I guess I must be wrong.

What can I do to enhance my reputation?

Don’t answer questions.

Don’t answer emails.

The only people who matter are your current and potential customers.

The general public are just that: very general, gullible and easily led astray.

If you have done something wrong or illegal, which I am sure you haven’t, you haven’t done anything wrong or illegal until found guilty in court and, even then, you can continue to deny guilt until your appeal is heard and thereafter, if the appeal is lost, you can continue to deny your guilt by claiming that the decision was driven by national political considerations and by the massive and massively unfair campaign waged against you by politicians, the media, the environmental lobby and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.  [Phew, an 89 word sentence!]

Aren’t Trafigura lucky that, instead of me, they have Bell-Pottinger and Carter-Ruck to manage their reputation.  They would never suggest any of the above 5 points.

I suppose if you pay the best rates you get the best advice and I am paid nowt.


  1. That was always going to be the way, sadly.


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