Sunday, 26 September 2010

Trafigura: “The Stinking Ship”

“The Stinking Ship” are not my words but the title of a film.   

Film-maker, Bagassi Koura, sent me a link to the film’s website,, where a 3m31s trailer of his 26 min film is viewable. [Update: the original trailer is no longer available but a 2m 56s clip can be viewed.]

During October the film is being screened twice at festivals in the US.  Unfortunately, there is no information about how else the film is accessible but I have emailed Bagassi to see what options there are for those of us - most - who cannot attend either of the two screenings.

In the mean time I have worked out how to embed a Vimeo video and so here is the trailer.

Many thanks are due to Bagassi for letting me know about his film and, more importantly, for making the film.

Finally, I must also mention that the opinions expressed in the trailer and film are entirely those of the film-maker and contributors.

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