Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Update to Music in the Morning - Kate Voegele

UPDATE AT 21.50 29 Sept 2010: 

The original post showed a video of Kate Voegele singing “Forever and Almost Always”.

This video may be about to disappear.  I’ve had a comment from Germany saying that this UMG content wasn’t available there and 20 mins ago United Music Group – clearly UMG – visited the post. 

Apologies to all if this happens and to UMG if I have, unknowingly infringed their copyright. 

I will keep the video up until it disappears or until I hear from UMG.

1 comment:

  1. [Just for the pleasure of UMG's PR-office, I do repeat my comment here]

    Ah, Calum. I was only surprised by the acronym. Totally no-namers for me, UMG.
    Obviously like Sony's their PR-strategy is to not take advantage of the web.

    Had I had the chance to watch the video - more important: to listen to the artist whose name I had not heard before, I might have been so fascinated that I'd hurried to the next music store and bought a Kate Voegele-CD.
    Chance passed up, UMG.
    Never mind, though. Tomorrow I might get introduced to another voice; via a vid that does not contain contents from UMG, but from a firm that is cleverly taking advantage of gratis-PR, as bloggers don't demand royalties when thanks to their postings one or more CDs are being sold [that otherwise would not have been sold]

    Ahhhhh! Is it possible UMG lured Trafigura's PR office away? That would explain a lot ...