Monday, 4 October 2010

Car: Sad Story

Bad news, I’m afraid, about my car.  [For those who are new to the saga the previous posts can be read here: 1, 2, 3]

On Thursday last (3) I wondered if the car nurse had formed an unnatural relationship with my car.  My car/she/he went home with him and stayed at the nurse’s all weekend and only came back to hospital today.  Unnatural or not my car has certainly formed a relationship with the nurse because she wants to stay with him unless I pay £1200.

That’s right!     1200 bloody pounds!   What can I do?

I love her!

I need her!

I want her!

I adore her!

I’ll be left car-less unless I pay this ransom.

What should I do?

I need help  .… now.


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  2. Calum, Try getting some compromising pics of the new couple then blackmail him!

  3. The best advice I can give is - Is she worth the money?