Thursday, 28 October 2010

Music in the Morning - Thursday

Back for more from Celtic Connections for a lovely Phil Cunningham tune.

Frank McConnell’s Three Step    Celtic Connections

Aly Bain, John McCusker, Bruce Molsky -  fiddle
Phil Cunningham - accordion
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Tim O'Brien - mandolin
Russ Barenberg - guitar
Michael McGoldrick - flute
Todd Parker - bass

I have written lyrics to this tune but they’re under wraps until / unless I find someone willing to and able to sing them.  Could be that I’ll have a long wait.


  1. if you feed me just the right amount of Ardbeg, this Singaholic might sing your song
    (earplugs will be provided)

  2. Sorry, JD. The song requires a female voice and I don't think you have one .... even after a bottle of Ardbeg. Thanks for the offer though.