Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Music in the Morning - Wednesday

Adam Ben Ezra and his many talents plays some Bach.

J.S. Bach: Fugue No. 2 in C minor
arranged and played by Adam Ben Ezra

on the Upright Bass, Oud, Clarinet


  1. Where did you find this guy? He makes me laugh. I love his Bach. And I'm sure that Bach would have loved him too. I play this fugue...a lot more boringly!

  2. Hi Claude

    Long story.

    My NHOP feature a couple of Sundays ago had, for me, a huge no. of visitors. Most of these came because the post was plugged in a double bass newsletter. I subscribed to the Newsletter because each week some db vids are highlighted.

    Adam Ben Ezra was mentioned although not this particular track.

  3. Adam Ben Ezra - Chinese, is he?

  4. Bach had a sense of humour and I am sure he would find it funnier than a mad Jew bombing Israel.