Friday, 15 October 2010

No Truth in Trafigura

This is not an allegation, this is the God’s honest truth.

I can say with absolute certainty and without risk of appearing in court that the title “No Truth in Trafigura” is true. 

There is a ‘t’, an ‘r’, a ‘u’ but no second ‘t’ and no ‘h’ and, hence, there can be no ‘truth’ in Trafigura.

There may be no truth but there is

I fart ragu

which is OK as long as there is no hydrogen sulphide nor any mercaptans present.

I can also reveal that there is no truth in Carter-Ruck although ‘true’ and “truce” appear.  The best I can do for this (in)famous firm is

truer crack

but I’ve no idea what this might mean.

Update @ 13.17 15 October 2010

Apologies again.  How could I forget to point out that there is an f’ in Trafigura?

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