Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with Doc Watson

I’m delighted to introduce you to the legendary Doc Martin Watson [Apologies got my feet and ears mixed up!  What a fool I am! Thanks, James].  Haven’t heard of him?  Don’t worry neither had I until 3 days ago!


Let Wikipedia tell you a few lines,

“Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson (born March 3, 1923) is an American guitar player, songwriter and singer of bluegrass, folk, country, blues and gospel music. He has won seven Grammy awards as well as a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Watson's flat-picking skills and knowledge of traditional American music are highly regarded.”

I was well on the way with my preparations for today’s show when somehow I came across Doc.  A few minutes later and my plans changed and here I am with only a few hours until the show starts and I haven’t a show.  The music is no problem; got lots of videos but having a completed show is a long way away.  You’ll see if I have been successful.

Let’s get straight into some music.

Nearly forgot.  Get yourself a coffee, a comfy seat, sit down, sit back and relax.

Bill Cheatham / Salt Creek                 with Merle Watson

Father and late son, Merle, astound!

Merle, died in 1985 as a result of a working accident but he is remembered at the annual Merlefest in North Carolina.


The music continues with a Doc solo.

Deep River Blues

Not only a great picker but sings too!


Doc was the sixth of nine children, was born in Stoney Fork in North Carolina but lost his sight before his first birthday.

Biographical details in this post come from and Wikipedia.


Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia

A bouncy song now carries you on.


I never knew what flat picking was but a quick search told me that it was simply playing with a plectrum and we see in the next video a fiddle tune played on guitar.



Black Mountain Rag                              with Jack Lawrence



I must apologise here because I have run out of time to insert autobiographical details and so I’ll leave you with the music only.    An incomplete show!  Just as well the music is great.  Well I think so.


Blue Railroad Train



That’s us halfway through so, if you want, take a break and I’ll wait for you.

 Way Downtown                                             with David Holt



Soldier’s Joy / Ragtime Annie                    with David Holt

More fiddle tunes here.



Travelin’ Man

The sound quality is poor but I wanted to put this in.  An older David Holt (with the hat) accompanies Doc.



Shady Grove                                                  with David Holt

There’s an 1m 17s intro but, if you can, have a listen to it.


We finish off this show with more blues.

Coal Miner’s Blues                                  with Merle Watson

This is a fitting way to end  - don’t ask why – just feels like it.


I hope you have enjoyed Doc, his picking, his singing even if my show has missed its mark.

[Report Card: Calum can do better and MUST!]

This is another step on my journey into the wide wide world of music and I’m so glad that Doc jumped up and played for me.

Thanks for listening and tune in next week for a full show. 


  1. welcome to the Doc Watson fan club and you can see by the company he keeps that he is a well respected legend in the world of country music.

  2. Doc Watson or Doc Martin, Calum?

  3. Did I put my boot in it?

    Correction made. Thanks, James.