Monday, 18 October 2010

Tory Lord Supports Tory Cuts – No Bloody Surprise !

Lord Wolfson, Chief Executive of NEXT, and 34 rich business cronies none of whom need ever check to see if there is enough money to get them to the end of the month or worry about redundancy, support the planned Tory cuts (letter in today’s Telegraph and separate comment piece).

A simple calling in of favours and the business leaders fall in line and they think we’ll not see through it.  Perhaps they don’t care!

In his comment piece Lord Wolfson throws bland assumption after bland assumption.  I look at just one.

“So the final question is whether the UK jobs market has the flexibility to absorb those who leave the public sector. The numbers would suggest that it can. There are still 500,000 vacancies in the UK and there are a total of 30 million jobs in Britain. This suggests that the economy is up to the task of absorbing the expected 100,000 annual job losses from the public sector.”

Wolfson doesn’t mention that there are 2.5 million on Job Seekers Allowance – 5 times the number of vacancies.  The economy can’t cope now with the jobless.  How on earth will it cope with another 500,000 over 5 years?

He may be great at his day job.  I suggest he stays there and doesn’t venture out in public places because he hasn’t a fucking clue about real life.


Lord Wolfson is only 42 but has been Chief Executive of Next since 2001.  Clearly a real high flier who zoomed through the layers at Next whom he joined in 1991 as a sales consultant in the Kensington store.  Thereafter his feet hardly touched the ground. The Independent from 2001 says this,

“Simon Wolfson was educated at Radley College, Oxfordshire, and graduated in law in 1990 from Trinity College, Cambridge. He joined Next as a sales consultant at the Kensington branch in 1991 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.”    [ XXXXXX I have removed the last part of the sentence but I’ll reveal it later]

"After writing a report he was taken on as an assistant to Mr Jones, the chief executive, in 1992. From there he moved up to be retail sales director in 1993 before becoming head of sales and marketing in 1996. He joined the main board a year later, aged 29. He was appointed managing director of the Next brand two years ago [in 1999], with responsibility for Next stores and its Next Directory catalogue business.”

What words did I remove?

“a year after his father became chairman.”

Yes, that’s right.  His father was Chairman of Next from 1990 until 1998.

That explains the meteoric rise, doesn’t it.  He had exactly the same opportunities as every other new entrant and only his talent moved him up.

My arse!!!


You’ll not be surprised to hear that Wolfson is a Tory peer who has supported the Conservatives financially as well as donating to David Cameron’s leadership campaign in 2005.


  1. Because, Jams, I have control of your mind!!! :)

  2. 'My arse!' is emphatically invoked, Yet indeed I suspect that it's far more honest than a whole bunch of politicians (who are up their own jacksies anyway).

  3. Calum
    you were musing on the future of your blog and wondering if it was worth continuing.
    You have just answered your own question. There is unlimited scope for ranting against the New Order advised as they are by Flounder, Muddle and Bullshit, that well known firm of management consultants.
    Looking at the current Cabinet I cannot see anybody who would be employable in the real world.
    And doesn't Gideon have the sort of face that deserves to be punched!