Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Trafigura: NFI Report Online

As all of you know the draft Minton report was subject to a super-injunction preventing its publication but since the Twitter supernova the injunction was withdrawn and the report was publicly available. 

Around this time, Trafigura and others put into the public domain statements  which in my opinion, had the effect of greatly diminishing the status of the Minton report.  They said that the draft, desk-top Minton Report was superseded by the authoritative NFI Report and, clearly, Trafigura preferred us to rely on the NFI Report.

Until now the report has not been online – or, at least, I could never find it.

The full NFI Report in Dutch is available here.

An English translation of the NFI Report is here

[The translation misses a few graphs/pictures and 4 Appendices but my impression is that it doesn’t distract in any way from the report.]

I do warn you that it is heavy going and I come to it as a  chemist or rather a long-lapsed chemist!

The NFI report looks in great detail into the discharge of the Probo Koala’s waste at APS in Amsterdam, its chemical composition, the effect of the partial treatment, the risk to health close to the treatment plant but does NOT look at the release in Abidjan.

At this stage I make no comment about the report.  I thought it more important to put it into the public domain.

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