Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Trafigura: Rebuttal of Botswana Article

A couple of weeks ago the Sunday Standard in Botswana published an article with the title,

“Rogue Company Buys BP Botswana”

The company in question?    Trafigura.

The article listed / alleged several “issues” involving Trafigura.

-  Ivory Coast
-  Jamaica
-  High Beam Trading International in South Africa
-  Sanctions Busting in/from Iraq

Last Sunday, Samia Yakub wrote for, and in defence of, Trafigura in the same paper. 

I append NONE of the original article and only two short extracts from Trafigura’s rebuttal.  If you want more then please read the originals.

“Taken as a whole, the article depicts Trafigura as a “rogue” company and contains a number of very serious allegations.

These allegations are misleading and untrue.”




“…. Trafigura has no wish to become embroiled in a dispute with your newspaper. Indeed, the company would be willing to enter into a dialogue with you, partly to ensure that any future reporting on these matters is more balanced and accurate, but also to give Trafigura the opportunity to discuss with you the positive, forward looking approach it takes, particularly in relation to its dealings in Africa.”


Well, that’s it then.  We can all let go of any negative views  -  or rather you can let go because clearly I have no negative views – of Trafigura.

Let me know when you have recanted.

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