Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Am I a Music Blog?

Looks like it, doesn’t it.  Music, more music and yet more music with nothing in between.  This is how I suspected the blog would go for a while ….. but ….. I feel somehow that this isn’t right, that I should have other posts.  It’s my guilty Calum mode.

And so here is a post as the exception to the all music “rule”. Not much of a post, it must be said, but the typewriter has felt the pressure of fingers and my brain has had to kick into a very low gear after months of rusting idleness.

One other bit of news is that I might be following Liz into publicly reciting some poems.  I’ve found an open mic poetry session in about 10 days and I’m thinking about going along and exposing myself – at least that would get a laugh – to public ridicule.

Do I have the balls for this?

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